About us

Alkemy™ is a chemical specialty company that since its beginning in August 1989, has focused on providing the industrial and institutional market with solutions differentiated by their value for our customers, which have been evidenced by excellence in the results obtained, consistency and financial impact on its operations, constant innovation in the implemented systems and low impact chemical technologies towards the environment. This work mystique and vision of our business have allowed us to expand our coverage throughout the Central American region, Panama and Mexico with our own operations that maintain the essence and spirit of commitment to quality and excellence in service to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Under this premise and corporate value we have strengthened our structure in the areas of Design, Manufacturing and Marketing through a quality management system under the ISO-9001 standard.

Alkemy™ has also specialized and segmented its marketareas under the brands of Water Treatment, Cleaning and Sanitization, Industrial Maintenance and Institutional Care.

Today we offer to our market a value proposition transferred to the customer through a careful integration of chemical technology, high standards of service and commercial viability, which have been designed according to the particular needs of our customers' business.


Provide solutions differentiated by their value to our customers of the industrial and institutional market in integral systems of chemical specialties, providing productivity and generating equitable benefits to all people who are related to the business, with social responsibility.


Increase our market share in a profitable and equitable way, with the capacity to generate value for all the participants of the commercial cycle, making rational use of the available resources, promoting innovation and social responsibility in the direction of maximizing Alkemy's business force in the medium and long term.



Alkemy™ will show truthfulness and accuracy in terms of information regarding the quality of its products, the conditions and specifications of its service and advice, taking responsibility for being a predictable and reliable organization in the eyes of all those who interact with it.


The organization will make firm commitments regarding the results derived from its actions. This attitude will be reflected in each of the members of the organization and in the decision-making process in front of its internal and external clients


The permanent search for balanced relationships both at the level of processes and of results must materialize in benefits that return exactly the measure of the effort contributed by each one of the participants.


It is the characteristic of seeking to do things well without any excuse. Excellence drives us to be better every day surpassing ourselves.

Quality Politics

At Alkemy ™ we are committed to profitably developing the WT, CS, IM and IC markets, living a quality culture oriented towards productivity, continuous improvement, innovation, operational excellence and social responsibility; generating value differentiated and perceived by our customers, aligning with their requirements and strengthening loyalty to our stakeholders.